Houses near Lviv
Land plot for a housing estate
Joint investment in the infrastructure
Individual sketch project of the house
Full support during the construction
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Services and prices
Your Cosmos plot

$1000 for are of land

We plan a trip to the plot, make an agreement and give you ownership rights for a plot. All the members of the cooperative invest in the road and electrical substation.

Individual sketch project

Less than 150 m2 — $5900

  • Project team and Client visit the plot together
  • Joint strategic session defining the Client’s needs and approval of the technical part of the project (less than 14 days) 
  • Development of the architectural concept: thoughtful planning of the house according to all the wishes and functions 
  • Zoning of the territory. Possible ways of development and steps
    Selection of facade materials


Working project

Starting at $26 for m2. The final price is determined after the approval of the sketch project.

  • Visiting the plot and creating the foundations of the building
  • Analysis and approval of construction technology, construction of foundations and engineering networks. Final approval of window specifications.
  • Meeting on selection and approval of facade materials
  • Development and issuance of working drawings for the stages “Working Architecture” and “Building Structures”
Interior design

Starting at $30 for m2. The final price is determined after the approval of the sketch project.

  • Analysis of working drawings and building structures project
  • Strategic session defining needs and desires of the Client
  • Interior design 
  • Presentation with photorealistic visualization
  • Meeting with the Client on the selection of materials by examples 
  • Two meetings with the Client on the changes to the project
Full support during the construction

17% of the total cost of the project 

  • Selection of contractors, signing of contracts and agreements with contractors and planning of their work. Settlement with contractors. 
  • Coordinating estimates with the client 
  • Control of contractors’ work, quality of it, cost and timing of construction
  • Supervision, We control the conformity of construction to the drawings 
  • Architectural project support, recommendations and clarification on construction joints for optimization and better solutions
  • Materials selection and prices analysis
  • Control of procurement of materials and their quality 
  • Finalization of the work performed 
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