COSMOS [ s u m m i t ]

The best we can give ourselves

it's a place to be yourself and enjoy moments with those who are close to you.

117 m2

Total area of ​​the house.

3 rooms

42 m2 total area


Technical premises

Lounge area with fireplace

The main common area of ​​the home is the living room, which have island kitchen, dining table, fireplace and sofa. A place for fun nights, relaxation and watching the nature around.


The house has 3 bedrooms, one can use at their own discretion: master bedroom, children's room, guest room or study. Each room has a separate terrace.

Technical premises

To keep your perfect home clean, you should have the right place to store things. In the entrance area of ​​the model [s u m m i t] there is an area of ​​5.5 m2 for the inner pantry, as well as the possibility to have technical room with an area of ​​15 m2.

Benefits of cooperation


You choose and approve a budget before the start of a project Our team is responsible for developing and completing a project in the date term


You can choose a hotel launch package for your house, let us administer it for you, or start generating clients with particular awareness of the COSMOS chain straight away


You receive a tried-and tested architecture, ready to work for its owners and having a target audience.

The price of the house

You get a habitable house with a fresh interior, all things done from the most
complex works on site to sockets and final cleaning before completion.

A house

Placing a house in a plot

Installing a house in a plot

House insulation


Making a ventilated facade

Applying a roofing material

Installing guttering

Installing window systems

Installing a front door and a closet door

Technical matters

Setting electric wiring in fire protection ducts

Setting internal piping for water supply and drainage

Process organisation

Construction organisation and quality control

Control of sticking to a cost plan

Materials and labour sourcing process

Practical completion of the project

from 77,2k €

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