COSMOS [ v i e w ]

Your home, blending in with its natural surroundings,

is stunningly spacious and functions remarkably well, giving you a sense of getting back to nature.


80 m2

The dimensions of the house are perfectly balanced. It has everything you need for a cosy life and an emotional space

3 rooms

The house has 3 rooms and a large closet for storing catch all things

5 months

Project management and effective control over all processes for a successful practical completion of a construction project in due time

Three levels of home protection


Successful construction project. Our team is responsible for developing and completing a project in the due term.


You allocate and approve a budget before the start of a project, and we commit to respect it.


Thoughtful architecture for a user, structural safety solutions, smart protection and alarm mode.

Living room

The central space in the building combines a lounge zone and a kitchen, expanding to the adjacent deck through the sliding panoramic windows.

It is meant to serve as a frame to the outdoor environment, with a fireplace on a backdrop of the window as a final touch.


The oppositely installed windows in the kitchen space allow to merge the kitchen with the deck when the windows are opened from both sides, thus creating a larger zone for shared pastimes and meals.


This is a cosy place for intimate rendezvous with the dawns and dusks. This is a place where coffee tastes better, music sounds livelier, books are more interesting and evening chit-chats with friends bring more joy.

It can be of several sizes and configurations as you please.


The privacy zone of the bedroom has its own exit to the deck. The room combines a sleeping zone, a privacy zone, a working zone and a wardrobe.

First floor

The silhouette of the building hides the first half-floor, which is an additional sleeping space with an outlook to the starlit sky.

Here you can arrange an extra space for games and rest of your kids, or a guest bedroom.


We designed two options for you to choose – with a bath or with a shower. Besides, there’s a small panoramic window to enjoy the view, and in winter – to run into a snow pile.

It is conceived as a frame to the outdoor environment, with a complementing fireplace on a backdrop of the window.

The price of the house

You get a habitable house with a fresh interior, all things done from the most complex
works on site to sockets and final cleaning before completion.

A house

Placing a house in a plot

Installing a house in a plot

House insulation


Making a ventilated facade

Applying a roofing material

Installing guttering

Installing wooden window systems with
inert gas and tempered glass

Installing a front door and a closet door

Technical matters

Setting electric wiring
in fire protection ducts

Setting internal piping for
water supply and drainage

Process organisation

Construction organisation and quality control

Control of sticking to a cost plan

Materials and labour sourcing process

Practical completion of the project

from 52,9k €

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