COSMOS [ z e n ]

A smart choice for your own business.

[ Z E N ] is an aparthouse for recreation with an area of 25 or 30 m 2 for compact plots or hotel complexes.

23 m2

Apartments used as a two-person studio

30 m2

A studio house with a living room and a bedroom.

0,02 ha

The models need the tiniest plot of below 2 ares.

Clients in search of emotions

Every person going on a vacation seeks a certain experience: peace of mind, entertainment or new emotions. The offers currently available on the hospitality market fail to deliver astonishment, experience and relief, and you can step in and make your own very special place to redress this situation.

A [ z e n ] home's space

There are two options of areas 25 m2 and 30 m2. The kitchen and the living room share a window and an exit to a deck. Light comes as an integral part of this project. Not only does it shape the mood, it also breathes life into textures and materials. The volume is dominated by the white colour combined with warm shades of wood. The light is an essential part of the whole project. It creates not only moods, but it literally breathes life into textures and materials. The white color of the dominant volume is combined with an warm tones of wood.

Less is more

When less means more. A successful recreation project is defined by how often the guests come back to spend time in your place and by how many years you need to return investment. Hence, when our team develops architectural projects, the bottom line is the answers to these questions: how will this space attract clients in the future, and is there anything extraneous you don't have to invest into?

Benefits of cooperation


You choose and approve a budget before the start of a project Our team is responsible for developing and completing a project in the date term


You can choose a hotel launch package for your house, let us administer it for you, or start generating clients with particular awareness of the COSMOS chain straight away


You receive a tried-and tested architecture, ready to work for its owners and having a target audience.

The price of the house

You get a habitable house with a fresh interior, all things done from the most
complex works on site to sockets and final cleaning before completion.

A house

Placing a house in a plot

Installing a house in a plot

House insulation


Making a ventilated facade

Applying a roofing material

Installing guttering

Installing window systems

Installing a front door and a closet door

Technical matters

Installing an air recovery system

Installing an underfloor heating system to heat space

Setting electric wiring in fire protection ducts

Installing sockets and light switches

Setting internal piping for water supply and drainage

Process organisation

Construction organisation and quality control

Control of sticking to a cost plan

Materials and labour sourcing process

Practical completion of the project

from 19,8k €

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