Architectural company creating Cosmos Places for recreation


We are looking for unique places in Ukraine and discover them with the means of architecture


Make Ukraine associated with unique environmentally friendly architecture and inspire people to create magnificent things respecting nature

Засновники COSMOS in. Роман та Ярина

“At the beginning of 2017, we decided to take a risk and invest in the dream of our life instead of purchasing an apartment. From the very beginning, we never wanted this business to be a trivial one and promised ourselves that it will represent all the values we truly believe in. We wanted to implement three principles: creating a global product in Ukraine, being innovative and environmentally conscious.”

How created Cosmos?
The co-founders told a stories about Cosmos, from idea to realization.
Cosmos in a sentence
What Cosmos is mean? Asked for it our employees
Dreams never come true until…
Dreams do come true if only we wish hard enough.

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