Try to imagine how is it to be on the different side of the world willing to create your power place here in the Ukrainian mountains. 

Almost a year ago our Cosmos Client was in Peru and saw the video about the picturesque hill in Tukhlia. After a few weeks of communication with the Cosmos Client, he decided to purchase a slot online and build a recreational centre in Ukraine.

We met in person a few months later. It was the moment when the Cosmos Client came to the place he chose while was on the other side of the world. «I found it. It’s Cosmos» – only after this phrase we all could feel relieved.

We separated areas for sleep, meditation and meals. The complex consists of a few types of buildings and each of them have its purpose. Restoration. We know how important it is to maintain your body and take care of your mental health. Rest. Thanks to quality sleep, we feel good. Pure air and mountain view help to sleep better. Gastronomy and food. Simple rituals that give comfort and a sense of home. 

During the design stage, the technical task has changed a few times. Initially, the hotel and tea room were to be located in the same building. After one of the visits to the place, we realised that the two-storey building is too bulky. So together with the Cosmos Client, we came up with the decision to separate the hotel and tea room and design them as two different buildings.

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