Creating a sketch project

We have an individual approach to each customer. Sometimes we start by discussing different architectural styles and then we analyze different architectural trends together. This allows you to understand how diverse a project can be and choose your style. 

Sometimes a Cosmos Client comes with his idea, which we develop, sometimes the plot we work with sets the vector for the architecture. 

The main challenge at this stage is to find the most successful combination of form and function. What we have from the very beginning is the area of the house, as well as functions and desires that may change in the process of working on the project. We think ahead and lay down this flexibility at the stage of the preliminary design, and take into account all the details of the plot.

The result of this stage is the developed general plan of the site (steps of development), the shape and of the building, and the selection of facade materials. For you to have a clear idea of your outer space, we will prepare photorealistic visualizations. The preliminary design is the starting point for the stage of Working Design and the development of working documentation (actual instructions for construction).

  • Analysis of working drawings and building structures project
  • Strategic session defining needs and desires of the Client
  • Interior design
  • Presentation with photorealistic visualization
  • Situational plan
  • Photo fixation of the plot
  • Explanatory note
    Technical and economic indicators (including plot area, building area, building percentage, number of storeys, etc) 
  • Layout of engineering networks
  • General layout
  • Plan of the territory
  • Concept of the project 
  • 3D view of the general layout
  • 3D view of the house on the plot 
  • Functional zoning scheme of the house 
  • Floor plan on the mark
  • 3D view of the plan
  • Roof plan on the mark
  • 3D scheme of slopes on the roof
  • Floor marking plan, marking of windows and doors
  • Marking facades in axes
  • Facade’s finish in axes
  • Sectional drawings
  • Specification of window and door openings

Till 150 m2 — 6200$
Till 250 m2 — 7500$
Till 500 m/2 — 9800$

What is a working project?

Working project is based on the cooperation of designers, engineers and architects. It is the basis of design and estimate documentation. In fact, it is a detailed instruction according to which builders can start work.

  • Visiting the plot and creating the foundations of the building 
  • Design and materials approval meeting
  • Analysis and approval of construction technology, construction of foundations and engineering networks. Final approval of window specifications.
  • Development and issuance of working drawings for the stages “Working Architecture” and “Building Structures”
  • Statement of working drawings 
  • Scheme of area planning for the arrangement of foundations
  • Statement of land masses
  • Axis binding scheme at the area 
  • Load designation scheme
  • 3D view of monolithic structures
  • Layout of foundations
  • Layout of the monolithic floor 
  • Layout of reinforcement releases
  • Layout of reinforcement of a monolithic floor
  • Layout of monolithic structures (if required)
  • Main sectional drawings 1-1, 1-2.
  • Layout of mortgage anchors
  • Statement of mortgage anchors
  • Marking scheme of intersections and nodes for stiffening
  • Stiffening of monolithic constructions 
  • Specifications for monolithic constructions
  • Statement of reinforcement parts
  • Layout of the sub-wall beam
  • Layout of wall panels
  • Nodes to the layout of wall panels
  • Layout of wooden beams and trusses. Nodes
  • Layout of roof panels
  • Layout of the parapet panels. Sectional drawings
  • Schemes of prefabricated structures. Wall panels
  • Schemes of prefabricated structures. Wooden trusses
  • Schemes of prefabricated structures. Roof panels
  • Schemes of prefabricated structures. Parapet panels (if required)

Starting at $26/m2. The final price is determined after the approval of the sketch project.

How do we create interior design?

Interior design is the key to everything in the house. We not only create your unique design but also help to bring it to life: to transfer the atmosphere of your home into a physical dimension, put it in the things that will surround you and create a space where every corner will perform its function. The result of the design stage is a drawing, according to which builders begin work.

  • Analysis of working drawings and building structures project
  • Strategic session defining needs and desires of the Client
  • Interior design
  • Presentation with photorealistic visualization
  • Rough plan 
  • Assembling plan
  • Plan of the room with the location of furniture
  • Furniture purchase plan 
  • Custom-made furniture plan 
  • Scheme of a heat-insulated floor (if it is provided in the project)
  • Floor covering and plinth scheme 
  • Layout plan of plumbing outlets
  • Specification of plumbing products
  • Plan for marking doors and openings
  • Door specification
  • Ceiling plan 
  • Lighting plan (lamps, sconces, floor lamps, LED lighting, etc.)
  • Power supply plan (sockets and switches plan)
  • Wiring diagram (groups of switches)
  • Specification of lighting fixtures
  • Specification of sockets and switches 
  • Wall marking plan. Schemes of walls with electrical and plumbing outlets for each premises
  • Drawings of custom-made furniture
  • Specification of furniture for purchase
  • Project visualizations

$60/m2 + expenses for transport and accommodation

What is supervision?

It is a control of conformity of construction works to the created working drawings and technical characteristics fixed in the design documentation.

  • 15 site visits during the year and preparation of a report on the compliance of works with the drawings
  • Online consultations of the client and the foreman on performance of works
  • Online consultations on the selection of materials according to the project

If necessary, we discuss the cost of additional drawings separately


Starting at $60/m2+ expanses for transport and accommodation

What is the full conduct of construction?

It is an implementation of the project without the participation of the Client and with our construction team. The construction project manager forms a plan for procurement and works and also makes agreements with contractors. Full conduct of construction ensures that the project will be built as planned. The customer receives reports on the performance of works.

Full conduct of construction contains
  • Selection of contractors, signing of contracts and agreements with contractors and planning of their work
  • Settlement with contractors
  • Coordinating estimates with the client 
  • Control of contractors’ work, quality of it, cost and timing of construction
  • Supervision. We control the conformity of construction to the drawings 
  • Architectural project support, recommendations and clarification on construction joints for optimization and better solutions
  • Materials selection and prices analysis
  • Control of procurement of materials and their quality 
  • Finalization of the work performed
  • Construction estimates with discounts from contractors
  • Schedule of works
  • Report after each stage of construction
  • Acts of work performed

17% of the total cost of the project (if it is less than $500 000)

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