Get to know your future COSMOS house

About the test drive

Things hard to describe should be tried by one’s self

Why take a test drive?

Amazing night in a charming forest

We’re sure that the best way to learn whether a house fits you or not is to live in it. Hence we suggest that you visit a COSMOS house and, even better, spend a night there, and take pleasure in a fine recreational space in a picturesque corner of the Lviv region.

Get answers to all your questions

On a test drive we will explain and show to you everything you want to know

Each time before a meeting we get prepared to enable you to learn all the information about the prefab industry, the features of our houses, their interior, planning, terms and prices.

How to register?

You can visit a house and take a closer look (day-time test drive)
or you can also stay inside overnight (night-time test drive).


Fill in the form on our site or
drop us a line in Facebook


We’ll get in touch with you to discuss the details.


We book your visit to the COSMOS and
confirm the exact date and time.

The first visit to the COSMOS

We meet you in the COSMOS, get to know
each other and tell you about the house.

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